CellerateRX Advantages

Hydrolyzed collagen

  • The body does not have to break it down, delivering the benefits of collagen to the wound immediately
  • Minimizes potential of scarring
  • The ONLY hydrolyzed collagen on the market


  • May be used in conjunction with other therapies, treatment modalities, and any secondary dressing


  • Does not need to be removed from the wound bed with subsequent dressing applications

CellerateRX Product Shot

Ease of application

  • Increases patient compliance and outcomes; ideal for home health care patients
  • Range of use from first dressing to closure
  • Put it on-cover it up-leave it alone.......Simple dressing application

Powder and gel

  • Ideal for tunneled/undermining wounds and skin tears and flaps
  • No waste of product

No special storage requirements

  • Protect from freezing
  • Sterile

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